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Koa Konsulting's team focuses on full-spectrum planning, ensuring your organization the edge in a dynamic global environment.  Our teams' focus on contingency planning and adaptability and flexibility in times of change drives results and success while minimizing risk.

Operational Due Diligence (International)

Management Konsulting & Advisory (Global)

Threat Analysis, Mitigation & Integrated Vulnerability Assessment (Global) 

Oil, Gas & Natural Resource Project Development (Global) 

Entrepreneur Advisory & Startup Konsulting 

Special Research & Development 



Intelligent full-spectrum planning reigns in today's complex and chaotic global sea.  As Dwight Eisenhower said, "The plan is nothing, planning is everything".  At Koa Konsulting we vehemently believe this holds true.  Our team of Operations and Regional Advisors and Staff Konsultants work tirelessly with your team to ensure that planning covers contingencies and builds flexibility and adaptability into your plans.

Koa Konsuting's diverse and regionally aligned teams of experts enable Koa Konsulting to develop, refine and temper global strategies in alignment with regional metrics to ensure that strategy nests with on the ground metrics in a way that maximizes success and minimizes risks.

Koa Konsuting is a results driven organization, grounded in the expertise and knowledge of our Operations and Regional Advisors and our team of Staff Konsultants.  Koa Konsulting will ensure that your organization achieves results and will give your organization the edge in todays highly competitive global marketplace.

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